Jorge Manrubia

I am a software engineer living in Valencia. I love coding, learning and building things.

Articles I write

The last pieces I have written:

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Things I do

  • I am a proud member of the Bandzoogle crew, where I work remotely as a full stack developer.
  • I am one of the creators of Zendone, a personal productivity tool based on GTD.

I have published a few open source libraries. Some of them:

  • qc: A command-line tool for syncing and running your backtests in QuantConnect
  • forceps: For downloading linked models from remote databases. It is useful for downloading production data to your local box.
  • mailgun_rails: An ActiveMailer adapter for Mailgun based on its REST API.
  • truncato: A tool for truncating multi-MB XML strings efficiently.
  • lazy_columns: Support for lazy-loading columns in Active Record models.

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Books I read

I love reading good books. I am currently reading these:

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