Some months ago, following my brother’s advice I replaced with Evernote as my web bookmarking system. At the moment I had over 2000 bookmarks. Since Evernote didn’t offer any facility for importing bookmarks from, and coding a converter seemed quite easy I started with it, but never took the time to finish it.

It has been the recent rumors regarding future that I decided to finish it. The result is a tool amazingly named Evernicious. The source code, installation and usage instructions can be found at the Evernicious GitHub page.

There are many other solutions already available for importing bookmarks into Evernote. Just check the comments on this Evernote post (and I mean the comments, the proposed way in the post is simply wrong in my opinion).

In my current configuration, I have a public Evernote Notebook with my bookmarks. I use the Chrome Clip to Evernote extension for capturing web pages into this Notebook.