I have never been a fan of social networks. I think it took me a couple of weeks to cancel my Facebook account after signing up when they launched. I kept my Twitter account though, and despite not twitting much, I used to check it when I had some time to kill with my phone. One year ago I closed it and never looked back.

I think the worst part of social networks is the amount of junk information you consume by using them. I wrote about it years ago. I still believe that is true, but after reading Arden las redes (Spanish) I realized there were other negative components I had perceived, but never really identified or thought about.

The book states that a new kind of censorship has emerged in social networks. Through real examples, it dissects many of their toxic attributes, such as the state of constant irritation, the love for controversy, the obsession with recognition, and how often truth and facts are secondary if the cause is good (for any side). This analysis deeply resonated with my own experience. It is not only the waste of time; it is that the vibes are often negative, so it was the effect on me when I consumed them.

Closing Twitter was key to changing a habit I had been pursuing for years: opening the Kindle app instead of Twitter whenever I had some time to kill with my phone. Surprisingly I wasn’t able to do this consistently until I canceled my Twitter account. Reading a book consumes much more mental energy than reading Twitter, so I guess my brain aimed for the easy task.

2017 was a good year in terms of learning and personal projects. I can’t really say how much my Twitter shutdown contributed to it, but after one year I still appreciate the silence it brought.

UPDATE (2019-09-15). So, 3 years later, I am giving Twitter a new try. I listened John Carmack say that he loved following people who inspired him in Twitter and that somehow clicked, since I miss that. Also, I’ll start an exciting professional adventure next month, and that kind of motivates me as well. Let’s see if it lasts this time! ¯(ツ)/¯