I am unable to make Twitter work for me. I quitted Twitter almost three years ago. I recently decided to re-open an account and gave it another try. It didn’t work. I quickly ran into the same patterns and feelings that made me want to quit in the first place.

  • Dopamine-powered waste of time-consuming things I don’t care much about.
  • Daily injection of negative vibes: problems in the world, rants, messed up situations, terrible companies acting terribly, terrible people acting terribly, etc. Fact-based negativity that, while true and outrageous, I can’t do anything about. It just pissed me off a little bit, one tweet at a time, day after day.
  • Consuming the little free-time and energy I have for enjoying better-quality contents. In particular, I read much less books.

On the bright side, I enjoyed following people I admire and some things were really interesting and inspiring. Does the positive make up for the negative? Not for me, that was the conclusion of this +1 month experiment.

I think I am a lost cause regarding Twitter. Instead of closing my account, this time I just changed my password, logged out and uninstalled it from my phone.

Until take three, Twitter 👋.